Our roots are in the traditional printing business. Even though a lot of things have changed sine 1984, we still have the passion for our work. This passion and our experience are distinguishing us and our high quality standard.
We are still willing to rewrite history in future and we are looking forward in an optimistic way. Energy and enthusiasm are our motivation and your gain.


We concentrate on the essentials: the human being, in the end he is the, center and power activities. He is the employee, vendor and customer. The customers satisfaction is the goal. An open partnership and cooperation is our claim and our way.
The Amann GmbH stands for transparent fairness, lasting quality and the best possible unbureaucratic service. We are moving on and like to take you with us.



General Manager, visionary leader of the company. Having decades of experience in the ceramic industry as well as in the free economy, he is the all in-composing guy. Readiness to act and highest competence are as important to him as honesty and being always ready to listen to you.


Alexander Augstein
Research and development

Persistency the assumption for success. Mr Augstein is an independent and self responsible Analyzer, who takes care of the ceramic issues and the IT of the company. As a trusted specialist, he is working on problems until he found the solution.


Head of Production

Co-ordination. The basis of an effective production. As a team oriented and experienced Supervisor, Mr Heß is responsible for a smooth and on time production process. His versatility and his knowledge about the ceramic industry are invaluable advantages for customers and the company.